PROVENANCE Re-Imagined. Daring to Re-write the Rules of Responsible Sourcing and Procurement Management.

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transforming the landscape while preserving the design DNA of Responsible Hospitality, Spa, Wellness and Yacht Sourcing and Procurement Management - one decision at a time - by pushing the design, transparency and optimization information boundaries of BD&E (Building Design & Equipment, ID&E (Interior Design & Equipment), FF&E (Fixtures, Furnishings & Equipment) and OS&E (Operating Supplies & Equipment) .

A conjurer of

inspiring and unlocking your genius and world changing potential with effective SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time- Bound) design of material objects, spaces, places and experiences. All conducive by leveraging the power of collective wisdom and diverse industry expertise via the power of compounding effort – and that we can go farther together.

Guided by a vision

of The Long Now and transformative activism – leaving the world a better place than when we started and balancing fast and slow rythms of producing, designing and innovating for the betterment of Human Capital, Natural Capital and Economic Capital.

Synonymous with being

an incubator, accelerator and go-to resource for capturing the true essence and compelling narrative of the Meaning Economy – a vibrant, emerging economy that creates value around meaningful experiential interactions and Slow Design - stripping design back to its essence by re-focusing on craftsmanship, quality, open source and timeless designs. All which provide an interwoven structure and framework for threading together a brand’s or product’s story.

Built on the timeless promise

of building a lifelong tribe through disruptive shared experiences. In the age of Responsible Materialism and Conscious Consumerism, people are seeking for a deeper sense of identity and connection around three distinctive types of technologies:

Slow Technology – using technology intentionally to improve our lives without letting it control us.

Inner Technology – via inner engineering, to empower yourself to create your life the way you want it.

Clean Technology – products, services and processes that harness renewable materials and energy sources dramatically improving the use of natural resources.

It is our goal to provide you - our client partner with more than a basic product or service. We want to indulge you in a growth-focused, results-oriented and solutions-focused sourcing and procurement management experience. Something mindful. Something Imagineering. Something that will surprise, engage and delight even the most jaded traveler.

B Spontaneous. B Bold. B Unconventional. Let’s foster positive change together…