Based in London and Vancouver

we are a select and creative team of multi disciplinary and inter disciplinary specialists working collaboratively with clients and producers to elevate brands, create compelling stories and customer experiences across a wide range of sectors and geographical regions.

Our shared common goal and path to success and meaning

lies in our capacity to develop and nurture authentic relationships with our unique and constantly evolving global network of “local, local” entrepreneurs and suppliers where value is inseparable from values.

Our greatest experiences

have come when – in concert with others - we create, develop and transform innovative and Imagineering ideas into practical and naturally profitable designs and solutions, all dedicated to design and life and everything in between.

With more than three decades

of accumulated experience of every quality level, working on 4 continents and in 50 countries, across a wide spectrum of the Hospitality, Spa, Wellness, Yacht and increasingly commercial office space sectors, we have the ability, capability and capacity to facilitate and manage the responsible sourcing (including traceability) and procurement needs of any size project on a global basis yet “local, local” focus.