What Sets Us Apart

“We Get it”

We have a cumulative 25 years experience in all areas of responsible and affordable luxury sourcing and procurement management in the hospitality, spa, wellness and yacht sectors.

A Passion for Delivering

Consciously curated with the discerning traveler and influencer in mind, Responsible innovation, being forever curious and customer service are at the heart of what we do. Our personalized sourcing and procurement management service is tailored to your every whim and continually honed to your ever evolving needs. A unique and refined selection of bespoke created designs, is the key reason why the world’s leading hospitality, spa and wellness brands rely on Rythms by Design to ensure a restorative night's sleep and overall wellbeing enhancing experience for their demanding clientele.

An Era of ideas

What defines innovation? Seems so subjective, like art and what is considered beautiful. Innovation at Rythms by Design is birthed in the fields of our endeavours. We shape innovation within our sourcing and supply chain by listening to what’s new, what’s next, but also what’s enduring, what to love for a lifetime and not just a season, what’s most effective and most responsible - regardless of the industry.

The Meaning Economy

You can’t change a mind without winning a heart. In the Meaning Economy of Rythms by Design, meaning defines value, experiences prevail over ownership, products become services, services become platforms, and traditional roles, such as producers, customers and employees often become blurred to look more like partners in the co-generation of value.

Design For Wellbeing

We incubate and accelerate new ideas and narratives that transform the ecological and socio/cultural paradigms of our time. Inspired by artistic heritage that has bound global cultures for centuries, our signature style is a concept of Responsible luxury where an ethical approach to sourcing and manufacturing achieves extraordinary experiences that will help positively impact and develop local communities to live, work and be.

Slow Luxury

To adapt luxury to a natural habitat requires the humility of a scientist and the audacity of an artist. Our aim is to harmonize the mindset of producers and consumers by instilling and fusing heritage craftsmanship and modern design to create commercial and cultural values.

Our partnerships elevate livelihoods and small businesses into exporters. By paying homage to and exploring indigenous and new processes and techniques that bring the designs to life, these are the values on which we are paving a distinctive and delicate way of revitalizing global cottage industries.

Where Handmade Luxury Meets Social Change

We are becoming principled citizens of a global community, inextricably and beautifully woven together. Rythms by Design envisions a world of economic justice and human dignity where highly skilled artisans and heritage farmers worldwide are able to earn a fair wage, fair price, fair trade and sweatshop free living without compromising on their rich cultural and indigenous traditions and skills.

No Compromise on Uncompromising Quality

Thoughtfulness is quintessential to the quality of our products. We take pride in our unrelenting yet uncompromising slow luxury approach to the elevation of style and function - all with a stunningly creative edge of exceptional quality. Thus making Rythms by Design the preferred supplier of choice.

Defined by Purity

When it comes to purity, you do not want to compromise, period. No ifs, ands, or buts. When a product is next to your skin - everyday - when your defenses are down (like when you're taking a bath or resting at night), it should be free of impurities of all kinds. When you're relaxing away the cares of your day, the last thing you should be worrying about is the purity and ingredients of your bed sheets, towels, massage table, essential oil or paint on the walls.


We are dedicated to transparency throughout the materials and supply chain. By tracing, manufacturing and monitoring where and how we do, we have developed a strategy which enables us to do our part towards providing opportunities for those in economically (and not-so) challenged areas and the ecosystem under which they are made.