Our Origins

We tend to forget how even the smallest things can have a major impact on us all.

Believe it or not, positive thinking has the ability to connect us to places, spaces products and experiences all over the world. Before it makes it into your hotel, spa, yacht or healthcare facility those products, equipment or technologies already have a story to share. Where do they come from? How were they made, what are they made of and who were they made by? It is not always easy to find these answers. And there are many times when we learn the real truth behind a product’s story, it is a truth we would rather not know.

Rythms by Design began out of a simple vision and story in mind:

To be a catalyst of positive change by bringing together like-minded individuals focused on expanding their consciousness; foster and influence positive organizational behavior change and encourage people to question EVERYTHING in a way that causes conversations. All which inspire and transform the next evolution of responsible sourcing and procurement.

A crazy idea today is mainstream tomorrow

is probably the most accurate way of best describing the journey of transformation through positive change which Motti has been both witness to and has been a part of more than two decades ago when he founded a successful organic aromatherapy skin care brand in California (although naturalism and generating ideas that redefine the future of possibility has always been part of his DNA).

Initially focused on the natural/organic product industry,

a positive encounter with a family owned luxury boutique hotel group (recognized as a pioneer of the USA Green hotel movement) who were interested to create a range of organic amenities for their hotels, first introduced Motti to the then small “pre trendy” niche of “green” hotels and spas.

Fast forward early 2000

and Motti was doing his significant part of transforming the mindset by focusing on a single central key theme:

- How to implement the guiding principles of Natural Capitalism and Design For Wellbeing into all elements of hotel and spa management and operations with emphasis on measuring what matters and highlighting the direct linkage and interrelationship between People Capital, Natural Capital and Economic Capital in ways where all equally matter and benefit.

However, Motti fast realized that trying to create any significant change once the facility had already been built was a step too late and instead (as much as possible) an intelligent conversation for creating any significant type of change needed to happen at the planning/development and design/architectural stage.

Into the mainstream

By 2007, many of the world’s leading mainstream (and not-so-mainstream) hospitality and spa, wellness organizations began to take significant note at the growing marketing and operational potential. This interest turned into the launching of their own Eco Chic and Responsible Luxury hotel and spa brands.

Rythms by Design is launched.

In almost all his global projects and interactions with key decision makers - Motti frequently suggested responsible product related solutions for each suggested recommendation he offered - specifically in the categories of Mindful Luxury, Organic Chic and Clean Technologies ID&E, FF&E and OS&E.

Although the project owners/operators had their own purchasing teams, many of these procurement management decision makers realized they “don’t know what they don’t know” in terms of being aware of the basic guiding principles of responsible sourcing and procurement. More essential – how to identify the “wannabees” from the “true naturals” – which became especially relevant as ethical sourcing and procurement were becoming an integral part of the mainstream. Thus it was requested that Motti conduct either part of or in its entirety, all the various elements of their responsible sourcing and resourcing management.

In 2010, when looking around the landscape and noticing there wasn’t any one single entity offering a “One Stop” bespoke Responsible Sourcing and Procurement Management service in the hospitality, spa, wellness, yacht and sectors – especially in all the key categories of BD&E, IDE&E, FF&E and OS&E, Rythms by Design is launched together with co- founder and pioneering Responsible Textiles specialist, Faty Eskandarypur.

Today (2018) the same - if not more - potential exists - having further expanded into the commercial office sector (mainly due to fast rise in interest of the WELL, FITWEL and RESET standards).