Sourcing and Procurement Moral Compass
(Made Where, How)

Encourage Re-newal

To source raw materials, products & solutions that generate a quantum leap for a thriving, just & life nurturing world in ways that contribute towards capturing more value from resources & providing customers with better experiences.

Foster Re-generation

To move from a Linear approach of “Take, “Make”, “Dispose” to a system that is Regenerative by intention and design (re-store, re-new and re-use).

Re-storation by Design

In environmental restoration as in medicine, the role of the practitioner is to support nature to heal itself and by itself. A Living World has no Waste. To carefully consider what we source and purchase, purchasing only what we really need and not only what we want.

Stimulate In-novation

There is the curve and then there’s ahead of the curve. We encourage and foster new narratives and new models of responsible enterprising and innovative practices that stimulate the re-designing of our future, where we move from “Cradle to Grave” towards “Cradle to Cradle” in efficient, re-storative and re-newable ways.


Localism is about building communities that are more healthy and balanced – backed by local economies that are stronger and more resilient. It means we use regional resources to meet our needs. It recognizes that not one of us can do it alone and that we’re all better off, when we’re all better off.

Value on Investment (VOI)

Luxury is measured in carots, thread counts and the Gross Universal Happiness and Wellbeing Index. Responsible sourcing is deep rooted in the “local, local” knowledge of the place and culture. Shifting from purely focusing on costs to where value is inseparable from values, we leverage sourcing and procurement globally and where possible, manufacture closer to the geographical point of sourcing. Through this vision we infuse hope, create friendships and install economic stability through self-empowerment.

Find Your True North

We aren’t in the business of promoting raw materials and products. Instead we demonstrate how the raw material and product incites meaningful engagements and co-creative practices around shared values, which inspire and ensure positive measurable impacts and transformation.