How We Work

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler” – Albert Einstein

Mapping The Journey.

There is no one size-fits-all, off-the-shelf solution for an optimal space and experience. Working at the intersection of strategic foresight and design thinking with emphasis on both Human Centered Design (HCD) and Planet Centered Design (PCD), our creative process begins with the mapping of the client journey by facilitating and guiding you through a transformational and thought leadership process to generate, prototype and validate evolutionary and revolutionary new ideas and vision. All based on the unique distinctive purpose, character and activities of its inhabitants.

Design and Rigor

Our playbook goes beyond design. We bring a full complement of rigorous practices to our sourcing and procurement interventions and innovations. A proven methodology that combines: responsible global sourcing, significant purchasing power and comprehensive and holistic turn-key project experience.

Thus we encourage you to question EVERYTHING in a way that promotes sourcing and procurement as a transformative tool, creating positive social change and global ecological enlightenment while flipping conventional wisdom on its head.

Pre Specification budget and operational review

We provide a detailed, knowledgeable and responsible review of the products presented to the relevant decision maker at the initial design presentation. Our tailored insight ensures your project is on-time, on-brand, on-budget and on-the-money by guiding and assisting the designer to specify sources that meet the design and operational requirements as well as the budget from the first specification.

- Create detailed line item budgeting

A detailed, itemized budget is created so all parties know the specifics of each item from initial specification to PO. We source and negotiate on your behalf to ensure you get the best and most responsible deal possible.

Global Sourcing, Local Solutions.

  • Determine the responsible enterprising processes and practices of the personalities behind the products
  • Co ordinate the sampling, approval and expediting process
  • Conduct a Carbon and Water Footprint measurement of the product - from field to customer.
  • Conduct a Supply Chain and Product/Material Traceability Analysis 
  • Conduct a Life Cycle Assessment including the after life and after care of the product.
  • Ensure ethical and fair trade/fair wage and slavery free is standard practice.

Bidding of products

We identify the most responsible sources at the appropriate quality level of the project and bid the items to obtain the best possible pricing.

Create model room

We coordinate the sampling, approval, & expediting process typically in short time frames to prepare the model room for review.

Order Creation

We create the POs from the approved budget and issue the PO to the customer for approval.

Vendor Payment processing

We match the vendor invoice against the customer-approved PO and create & issue payment to the project suppliers.

Responsible Freight and Mobility Management

Coordinate and facilitate all the various logistics and mobility in the most fiscally, efficient & carbon responsible way.