Our Thinking


To stretch the imagination and creativity of the brief and expand the consciousness as far as possible to ensure both yours and our ideas and designs are individualistic, with it’s own unique style and personality. By “empowering imagination” in the fullest sense, our objective is to reach into your inner reserves of creative essence, tap into your unique talents in the most responsible, transparent and cost effective manner. Then offer the world your own authentic, brilliant and illuminated natural rythm and serene encounter.


Inspiration is the engine for growth. We believe that creative expression is a powerful tool for inspiring engagement. We strive to make work and push forward with an individual and collective practice of projects that critically engage emerging ideas which makes people think and take action.


Immersions are designed for creative leaders to disconnect from their known realities and reconnect to purpose and perspective. From center, we are able to see anew. We use tools and materials that “move at the speed of thought”.


Rythms by Design is the next evolution of Eros - the creative energy and intelligence that drives the evolutionary process of all levels of existence. It’s the next evolution of how responsible design and innovation seamlessly integrates across all our bespoke creations and collections.


All change begins with choice. It’s a revolution from the heart. From here on, the challenge is to alter the “mindscape” and advance the transformation in the shortest possible time. We believe that everyone is on a personal journey and that there is no one “right way to live”. We strive to do the best with what we’ve got and meet people wherever they are.

Our goal is to restore purpose and meaning to work and life and help deliver extraordinary performance and productivity by creating truly restorative structures and communities.


We foster and nurture dialogues on the integration of conscious consumerism, design programs that mimic and celebrate the genius of nature, human ingenuity, spirituality and creativity, which re-indigenizes communities as citizens of planet earth and our local address.

Life Satisfaction

We believe that humour, silliness and play are vital for enhanced wellbeing and happiness. Our goal is to experience joy in our daily lives and to share it with the people we encounter. When we are joyful we spread this feeling to customers, guests, friends, families and, sometimes best, to absolute strangers.

Remember to Dance

We dance to the rythm & not just talk about the rythm by honoring the myriad ways where nature is our source, our inspiration and greatest teacher.